Jersey City Heights Community Fridge

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Need food?

The food inside is free for everyone and anyone can leave food, including individuals, businesses and restaurants.  We will restock as often as possible. Please leave some for others and take only what you actually need.

Take what you need.
Leave what you can.

Bring the basics.

Fresh produce, frozen fruit and vegetables, and pantry staples are great contributions.

No meat!

Raw meat is illegal in a pantry. No ground meat, no fish, no chicken, and no frozen meat.

Limit processed food.

A good rule of thumb is If it has more than 5 ingredients, it’s highly processed!

No alcohol!

This one is self-explanatory.​

Label all prepared food.

Prepared foods must have a PREPARED ON and USE BY date, as well as allergens, clearly marked.

Mark it down!

Mark all non-produce with the word FREE. There are markers in a basket on the side of the fridge in case you forgot before you came.

Don't be gross.

No expired, eaten or opened foods, or leftovers. Don’t leave anything you would not want to eat.

Clean up.

Please be neat. Don’t leave garbage by the fridge. If you have time, clean the fridge. This is for us, maintained by all of us.

Follow us.

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Community Partners.

These are the organizations and businesses in our community that keep our fridge full! Please support them.

Other nearby fridges.

Sometimes our fridge is empty. If you need food, please see the resources below for other community fridges nearby.

West Side, JC

Greenville, JC

Union City

West New York

New York City

Support the JC Heights Community Fridge.

We need volunteers to do shopping, pick up donations, and clean the fridge. Cash donations help us buy groceries to provide needed food items for the community.